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Understanding what makes a Good Story – Part One

If there is one thing people are hungry for, it’s a good story. Story gives our lives meaning. A shared story is an aspect of a culture, and helps unites people. To study the importance of story would take you into the depths of everything human. Story is in our blood.

So, what makes a good story would be important to know, wouldn’t it?

Myths, Legends and Religious Tales that have been passed down the ages have to have been good, or else no one would have retold them. For a novel to be a bestseller, it has to at least have some aspects of a good story. Same goes for movies, TV Shows and anything else with a plot and characters. These modern tales often can slip up here and there and still do okay. The best ones you remember for decades are the ones that Continue reading “Understanding what makes a Good Story – Part One”

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