30 Foes

30 Foes, A Story a Day for the Month of May.

You can also read 30 Foes at Medium. While I love my website, Medium has a more professional feel and is an easier time when it comes to reading. I’ve also been posting 30 Foes stories on Wattpad. 30 Foes has been a great deal of fun to do so far, and I hope you enjoy the stories as well.

30 Foes Talepress Links:

Story One – The Bridge of Hearts

Martin is a young man, returning from a quest. He has the key to his love’s heart. He will finally be able to marry her… but first he must cross a bridge. A bridge that hangs above a ravine, that seems to go down forever. There is more waiting for him on the other side than he expected…

Story Two – Follow The Road to Sorrow

Children play, but sometimes they take things too far. At the edge of a village, Maxwool plays with his friend and sister. Things are boring. The guard is asleep. Maxwool wants a bit of excitment, something a bit different to ususal, so he comes up with a plan… that may ruin his whole life, for it is the season of the harvest.

Story Three – Family Matters

When it comes to business, solid advice is a must. This holds true in the business of murder, power and secret control of societies. Take a look into the dark underside of this strange world, with a letter from one of the men who used to rule the world.

Story Four – The Pennyduke, an introduction

The Pennyduke, a man who has long been put out of mind by his old enemies, who now wanders the land… but for what. Listen to the tale of the man, and how he lost his home, his heritage, and how he hopes to reclaim it…

Story Five – To Be A Queen

Being born into a common family is upsetting for Zareen. She has always dreamed of being a Queen, of being royal. Nothing in her drab life seems to hint that she will ever be a Queen, until she has a chance encounter in the forest…

Story Six – The Notetaker

After a hard night of drinking, Abby just wants to get on with her work. Instead, she is called in to meet a “Productivity Expert.” While at first the annoyance is that she is missing out on her work and has a pounding headache, the annoyance grows into share terror.

Story Seven – Payment

Nothing comes free in our world. This is true in Moore’s world. He has a family to feed, but arriving at his door is a man who has the power to take everything away. Moore must do his best to ensure that he can save himself, and hopefully, his soul.

What is 30 Foes?

This is what 30 Foes is, a simple writing challenge I have given myself. I will write 30 stories, over the month of May. One a day, and upload them all here.

Each of these stories will center on the idea of “Foes.”

They’ll be all about enemies, villains, rivals, friends turned bad, ect. 30 Foes for 30 Stories. They will have this as their main sauce of conflict.

The stories themselves will be in a wide range of genres, settings and times, but will all stay true to the theme.


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