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Why Sol Stein’s “How To Grow A Novel,” Will Leave You Wanting More

The experience I am about to describe is probably one that you are familiar with. You see a trailer for a movie and you are excited. You only have bits of information so your mind begins to fill all the gaps. Before you even sit down in the movie theater you already have the movie played out in your head. This happens, and then this happens, and finally the foreshadowing pays off with the MASSIVE reveal. Keep in mind, this is all in your imagination so far.

Then the movie happens, and instead of exceeding your expectations, it fails to met them. Doesn’t mean it was a bad movie, but it wasn’t THE movie.  This was my experience with Continue reading “Why Sol Stein’s “How To Grow A Novel,” Will Leave You Wanting More”

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How to Write Ten Thousand Words in One Day

Writing can seem like hard work. Sometimes getting one thousand words a day can feel like an uphill battle.

There are other other days when the words seem to flow from your fingers, and everything clicks into place. On those days hitting ten thousand words is nothing.

This post will help you reach 10k a day. Continue reading if you want to be a better, more powerful writer.

The Value of Writing 10k a day.

I don’t write 10,000 words a day regularly, but sometimes when I am working on something big I do.

To give some perspective, Continue reading “How to Write Ten Thousand Words in One Day”

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