Four Pillars Of Talepress

The Four Pillars Of Talepress

Ever since I have created my website, I have had a hard time defining what it is. That’s why I created the Four Pillars Of Talepress.

I know that this place is about stories, but whenever I tried to write posts consistently, I’d get burned out and run out of ideas.

At first, I thought it was purely about fiction. I wrote about my methods for writing, as well as posting my own short stories.

That did not seem right.

And I juggled with more ideas. Then I wondered if it was a website about the practical application of stories in our own world.

A sort of “Business” stories website, where you could look at how different companies used branding, how copywriting relies heavily on storytelling etc.

But that seemed less right than the fiction idea, and I didn’t even start writing posts on any of those topics.

Then I juggled with the idea of it being a website on the psychological matters of story, of archetypes, myths and dreams. That seemed far more promising, and I have already had very mild success writing about those topics on medium.

But the thing is, I found out very quickly that I cannot write about those subjects every day. I burn my little brain out, because I am not an expert, I must really think and research these ideas before I can present something that is worthy to read.

So, what to do?

Yesterday I had a piece of paper and I divided it up into four quarters. I was planning to organize how I read my books, and I ended up creating what is now the Four Pillars Of Talepress.

In one corner I wrote fiction, in the second, business, in the third, psychological/historical/philosophical and in the fourth, spirituality.

The idea was that I’d be reading four books at a time, and they each had to be from these different categories, and I wasn’t allowed to move onto another fiction book for example, until I had finished the one in the “fiction” box.

A pretty good idea, and I still might follow through with it, but then it changed.

I began to think, well, if these are the subjects I am most interested in, then why don’t I apply this to Talepress, and divide the website into four distinct pillars. I can write about a different topic every day, a rotation, so I don’t burn myself out and always have something new to think about.

For my chaotic and easily distracted mind it seemed like the perfect idea.

The Four Pillars Of Talepress all concern themselves with “story” and “meaning,” so it is not like I am trying to mash four websites into one. That is the theme that unites them all, a love of story.

So, these are the four pillars of Talepress:


Fiction is obvious, as it is purely story already. I plan to write about techniques when it comes to writing stories, reviews of novels and movies I have read and watched, and updates on my own fiction writing journey.


While this might seem like an odd choice for a pillar, I think it is important. Stories in the business setting relate mostly to branding, framing and positioning. All of that is interesting to write and interesting to read. Anything about copywriting can also fit safely under this topic.


I have a deep interest in spirituality, and often how religious and spiritual beliefs form the “story of our lives.” Anything that can be considered “self-help” and “inspirational” can also fit into this topic.


This is probably the largest of the pillars, because really it is three themes in one. This Pillar will cover topics like archetypes, myth and legends, historical events and their significance, and anything philosophical that might slip in. Once I am more well-read and intellectual, this Pillar will become the dominate one on Talepress.

Now the four main pillars are of course subject to change. It all depends on how it goes. The idea is, to keep me writing consistently, I need to have a range of topics to choose from, so that I don’t burn myself out by focusing on one exclusively.

From a business standpoint, focusing on one pillar would make more sense, as it would make a better niche, but like I said, keeping the theme of story is enough for me to bring some cohesion to the website.

I am naturally an unorderly, chaotic, and creative person, so this scattergun approach appeals to me, as long as I hit my target.

And that’s all for now. Thank you for reading. If the Pillars work, then there will be daily posts, and soon, Talepress will grow from a simple blog website into a serious multi-media publication, but that is all way off in the future…







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