How to Write Ten Thousand Words in One Day

Writing can seem like hard work. Sometimes getting one thousand words a day can feel like an uphill battle.

There are other other days when the words seem to flow from your fingers, and everything clicks into place. On those days hitting ten thousand words is nothing.

This post will help you reach 10k a day. Continue reading if you want to be a better, more powerful writer.

The Value of Writing 10k a day.

I don’t write 10,000 words a day regularly, but sometimes when I am working on something big I do.

To give some perspective, an average novel length is about 80,000 words. That means if you did ten thousand words a day for just over a week, you’d have a first draft of a novel.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Writing fast also means you can work through bad ideas an lightning speed, and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Now, lets get into the essentials of what you need to hit this mark.

Winning mindset first.

To hit 10k a day, you need to write like a winner.

What does that mean?

It means you have to be ready to pass over some things you’d like to revise. You have to have the keep going until you hit it attitude.

To often writers are bogged down by trivia and small mistakes in our writing. This simple truth must be understood: It is better to have a broken manuscript than a broken half-finished manuscript. 

It’s easier to clean up the whole thing than an unfinished part of the thing. Keep that in mind when you wonder about going back and messing with your writing.

You’ll lose momentum if you stop every five hundred words to mess around with what you have already written. This may work for you on a regular day, but when you want to hit 10k, you best keep moving soldier!

So, fix your mistakes by not stopping, by instead being a whirlwind of words.

Flow is second.

Fact is without a natural sense of flow, the 10k is going to be very hard to reach.

What you need to ensure is that you have whatever you need to keep you in flow and keep you writing.

That might be a detailed plan of your book that you constantly refer back to, or it could be totally in your head.

Whatever you need to make sure you’re not sitting there, stuck, wondering what to write.

Getting ideas for what to write with fiction or even non-fiction is a topic for another day.

For the 10k, make sure you walk into battle with all the gear you need, or else you’ll be left wandering lost in no man’s land.

The work must be done.

You have to sit down and do the work. Writing 10k words involves at least 4 hours (likely 7+) of you, and the keyboard, and your story.

You have to commit to writing. You have to hammer out each word, one by one, until you see 10k down in the word counter below. The words don’t just get there by blind luck. Every word on the screen bleed its way out of you.

This post is assuming you also have a day set aside in which you’d like to hit ten thousand words. It would be a hard ask if you are distracted with one hundred other things.


Have a time set aside.

Make sure you come in with the right mindset, and the right tools so you can flow.

And get to work.

Every word brings you closer to ten thousand.

Final Thoughts

If you are a naturally slow writer, then you might want to invest some time in actually boosting your speed before you set a goal like this.

Also don’t expect your best work when you do this. Sometimes I have gotten wonders from writing ten thousand words a day, but more often upon rereading it feels a little rushed and uncollected. Once it is done though, you can make all the repairs you need.

Mind, then Flow so you can WORK.




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