The Truth About The Depths Of Our Minds

When we watch a film or read a novel, we unconsciously project our inner beliefs and systems onto what we are viewing.

There is a reoccurring idea, an archetype of sorts, that is often seen in media involving planes and ships.

The basics of it is this: We perceive ourselves, our ego, as the vessel, and the endless blue of the sky or the sea, that’s the unconscious.

Think of a ship. Lonely and small in comparison to the sea. Even when it is calm, there is always that terrible feeling that black clouds may soon cover the horizon, and that something from the deep might just swallow the entire vessel.

It’s the same with planes. A plane is so insignificant when it is flying thousands upon thousands of feet high. It is a spec of dust in a vacuum of sky and clouds.

This sense of smallness and weakness is how we all feel intuitively when we feel the great expanse of the unconscious. It is this fear that drives primal man, that makes him imagine vengeful, angry Gods who he must please and sacrifice too.

We still have this same fear, but now it is murky, harder to see, but it is still there. Everyone understands that there are beasts swimming at the depths of the ocean, that in the right circumstances, will rise up to drag us down with them.

This is a topic I would like to go into greater detail later, but for now, this will do.

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